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You seem unemotional and austere. They are a bit selfish but as a whole, they are totally generous beings. View the contents of your shopping cart:. Madonna, the predominance of planets in the southern hemisphere prompts you to take action, to draw attention on yourself, and to make your actions and what you have in mind visible mulugu astrology maa tv everyone.

A spirit of cooperation and compromising is accompanying you everywhere. So he was a late developer but did have an exceptional engine, including unsuspected speed. Jag de Bellouet was to become an extremely tough champion, one of the rare trotters capable of winning uncovered on the outside at Vincennes. He often ran barefoot on all four. He was son of the speedy Abner and through his dam was grandson of a thoroughbred who had scored on the flat at Saint Cloud! But Jamin was a trotter, and a very fast one too, winning at Vincennes as a two-year-old. Conceding a 25 m handicap, with Jean Riaud still in the sulky, he followed up in the edition, but could only manage third spot in when conceding 50 m with Gerhard Kruger in the bike.

But as a six-year-old, Jamin was above all trotting's first US World Championship winner dominating Tornese , before going on to beat the locals in the American Trotting Championship. He still is the only French Trotter to have won this event.

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He stayed in the US and became a real star there and even made the front page of 'Sports Illustrated', winning at Hollywood Park. As artisan of all his wins, Jean Riaud described Jamin as "big 1. He had a lot of energy but was settled when he raced. Apart from his immense class, he had a lot of courage too. Even if Kerjacques did not accomplish a champion's career, he nevertheless made his mark in the history of the French Trotter as he became a taproot stallion and was leading sire for 10 years. Of an average build, he was a powerful chestnut horse who had an expressive head, but was subject to muscular disorders.

Yes, he was a bit of a stepper and had poor feet, but possessed a lot of speed.

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When my bother-in-law Georges Dreux did a piece of work with him one day, he told me "He's a funny one, the little'n"" recalls Roger Baudron. A brave trotter, Kerjacqueswas acquired by the French National Stud in for , French francs, but was not greatly sought after when he first went to studwith acover fee of francs. Masina was foaled in and bred and trained byHenri Levesque.

He had acquired her dam Bellegarde III after striking up a deal with Albert Veslard because the broodmare was originally heading for Italy. Her daughter Masina by Quinio was a big chestnut filly 1. A powerful sort who has a bit slow at the start but had an impressive finish, Masina 1'16'' easily stood out with her yellow hood and was well-liked by the Vincennes crowd.

Foaled in , Ourasi was bred by Raoul Ostheimerin the Eure region. A dark chestnut son of Greyhound Ura and Fleurasie a modest performer , he was a clumsy yearling who seemingly lacked vitality. But the nonchalance concealed an exceptional engine. He remained unbeaten as a 6yo, notching up 22 consecutive wins up to the age of seven. If I had been, I'm sure he would have gone sour. Ourasi wanted to be the boss everywhere, both on and off the track. Sometimes it seemed like he had no gas left in the tank, but took up the bridle again on his own.

He became a household name. He died in January aged 33 and will live on in the memories of trotting fans thanks to his statue which stands today at Vincennes. Daughter of a twin-mare who foaled her in when she was aged 20, Ozo was bred by Jules Vaultier in the Manche region. Her dam had already foaled two useful males by Vermont, but their full sister Ozo turned out to be of much higher class. Leased to Roger Massue, Ozodisplayed great potential as soon as she was broken in, winning at Vincennes in the summer as a 2yo before coming up against the best of her generation at 3.

Nonetheless, she subsequently made amends in the Prix de Vincennes.

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At four, she remains one of the rare French trotters to have beaten the Americans at home. But she remained inconsistent, giving her supporters a hard time. Indeed, Ozo 1'15'', a magnificent black mare who trotted with her own specificstyle with her tail in the air, really did have a lot of fans —her connections even received letters addressed to 'Mlle Ozo, Vincennes, France'!

She died aged 8 following surgery when a tumour was found on her left ovary. Son of Indy de Vive Viking's Way and Kidea Extreme Dream , the colt "had a lot of energy and sometimes frightened me when he trotted full speed with his head between his legs in the pastures," his breeder related.

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Nevertheless, Ready Cash always needed a bit of weight on his forelegs and could never run barefoot. Now standing at stud, this handsome and distinguished-looking stallion is turning out to be a great sire. But he was big, measuring 1. At stud, he sired Swedish Champion Revenue who in turn sired Hambletonian winner Market Share - a very rare, if not unique, feat for a trotter with French male bloodlines.

The filly revealed a lot of ability but was also very headstrong, so she was lightly raced by her owner-breeder-trainer Henri Levesque who debuted her in May when she was three. Europe's three biggest harness events. But she needed weight on her shoes to keep an even balance and could go offstride for as little as 20 g. At stud she foaled only for products before dying at 14, amongst themFlorestan by US taproot sire Star's Pride who became an excellent stallion and sire of dams in France. He wasn't a very attractive chestnut colt, but when he went into training, as a 2yo he proved he had potential.

Later, handler Jean Baptiste Bossuet said: "Tenor's greatest quality was his will to win. Of course he had speed, but no more than any other.


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He liked to go off in front and dominate his rivals, "always finding more when someone came upsides to challenge," according to his trainer. Unfortunately, after his 30th consecutive win, he had some setbacks and had to step down from his pedestal as no vet managed to detect what the problem was. That day he finished runner-up to Tabriz. Unfortunately, he had problems with his legs which kept him off the track, sometimes for long periods. Knock-kneedand lacking good looks, she didn't really catch the eye as a youngster. He won at Vincennes with her and then sold half to the Count de Montesson.

It was a prelude to a great international career. If I had to do another world tour, I would choose Une de Mai amongst all the champions I have driven, because she was the most versatile. Lightly-built and a bit unsettled, she had a high action when she trotted. Uranie turned out to be very susceptible when she raced notably at the start and didn't eat very well either no more than four litres of oats per day , but did sleep a lot.

Through patience, her trainer driver Valentino Capovilla managed to get the best out of her. She nevertheless made up the lost ground and was fighting for victory when she broke on the post. She had such a fluent style that she became an idol.