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But what they fail to realize is that the new versions of their programs have very important and essential capabilities besides the new and improved features. These include: Atlas updates.

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Over the past few years, the time-change atlases built into most programs have had many errors fixed. That means that older software may, in fact, miscalculate some charts. Bug fixes.

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One thing that inspired this article is an experience I had recently. I was calculating a transit graph and noticed that many major events were left out. Once I upgraded my software to the latest version, the problem disappeared. Similarly, older versions of many programs had software glitches that actually crashed the program. Over time, most of these have been resolved. Older software is likely to run into compatibility issues not only with Windows 10 and the latest Mac OS, but also with other software installed on the computer.

User Interface. Software companies also continue to improve the user interface of their programs, I. And all of these are in addition to all of the many enhancements of older features, and the added new capabilities. Fortunately, upgrades from most companies cost much less than the original price of the software. So if you are using a program that is over 5 years old, I heartily encourage you to consider updating it. The book is a delight to read and has been out of print for decades, but has recently be re-released as an ebook which you can get here. The Smashwords website even allows you to preview the first fifth of the book for free online or on your ereader or mobile device, to see if you like it.

Give it a try, I promise that you've never seen the planets written about in this way. Regulus has been updated incredibly frequently, and each update is very valuable. Learn about the new version here. Ernst Wilhelm continues to improve the current features and add new ones too. His students will be especially pleased with the latest software update.

This article is a must-read for all astrologers. It shows which techniques are completely dependent upon a precise birth time and which are not. Friday, December 30, The Far side of the Moon To quote their website: Because the Moon is tidally locked, it was not until that the farside was first imaged by the Soviet Luna 3 spacecraft hence the Russian names for prominent farside features, such as Mare Moscoviense.

A different world from what we saw from Earth. The Clementine mission obtained beautiful mosaics with the sun high in the sky low phase angles , but did not have the opportunity to observe the farside at sun angles favorable for seeing surface topography. This WAC mosaic provides the most complete look at the morphology of the farside to date, and will provide a valuable resource for the scientific community.

And it's simply a spectacular sight! You can see stunning pictures of the Lunar far side and near side here.

Happy New Year! Thank you, Astrolabe staff, very much. You can see sample reports here , and order any report program here. Tomorrow is the last day of the sale, so if you or anyone you know is looking for astrology software, now is the time to act.

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The link again is here. If you are in the market for great software at the lowest possible prices, please look at my latest Black Friday Astrology Software Sale. I am offering the lowest prices than ever on many programs, and just added a remarkable East and West combo package.

Tuesday, November 15, The Most Important Astrology Software Articles on this website I've started a new column highlighting the best of the best articles that I've written on astrology software. Every time I add an article to the list, I will be updating and improving it. Wednesday, November 9, Free Astrology Software updated!

I have compiled a very extensive list of free astrology programs and have just updated it. You can see the updated listing here. Please let me know if you find any new freeware to add. Saturday, October 29, The Keystones in Astrology: My latest tutorial I've just written an article that might appeal to both Western and Vedic astrologers, about points in the chart that reside in the same sign in both Zodiacs.

Saturday, October 15, The Winds of Earth How would you like to see the a dynamic map of the Earth, showing the winds, temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation, and ocean currents updated every three hours? You can grab and move the Earth itself, call up choices by clicking on the name Earth on the lower left, and double-click on a region to zoom in. This incredible display is available here.

Saturday, October 8, Free Traditional Horary Astrology Books An astrologer named Mithras93 has posted the text files of five classical astrology books online for free downloading here. May they serve you. Since I've been reviewing and helping companies develop their programs for almost 40 years, I have witnessed the development and evolution of all of the major programs too. Some programs remain static for a decade or more, and when new versions are released, only minor changes have occurred.

But other programs are carefully enhanced, with new features added regularly. The astrological implications of this event, and those born during it, are likely to be profound. Tuesday, September 20, Running Solar Fire on a Mac Many astrologers purchase Mac computers because of the greater ease-of-use of Macs, and the greater safety from malware. But there are very few Mac-native astrology programs, and so many Mac owners choose to install Windows on their Macs, in order to run PC astrology programs.

The program of choice for most Mac owners is Solar Fire, both because it has the most Mac-like interface even more than some Mac-native programs , and because it is much more powerful than any Mac-native program. Esoteric the creator of Solar Fire offers detailed information on installing Solar Fire on a Mac here , and Astrolabe the worldwide purveyor of Solar Fire has instructions here , and important problem-solving information here. As most of you know, you can get Solar Fire through me at the best price with many extras here.

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All of these maps enable you to see exactly where the total eclipse is visible. This forthcoming total eclipse will be viewable across the United States. In the future, you might visit the NASA website to see more detailed maps of upcoming eclipses. Wednesday, September 7, Factors to consider in assessing a life theme My new Vedic tutorial On my Learn Astrology Free website, which has over tutorials in Western and Vedic astrology written by me, I've just added a new article called, "Factors to consider in assessing a life theme" here.

Wednesday, August 24, The Most Reliable Astrology Software Over the past 38 years, I have explored virtually every astrology program made in the West, and many created in the East. I've encountered programs that were almost impossible to install, ones with very serious calculation errors, some with quite a few bugs, and many that crashed.

I've also received feedback from hundreds of astrologers about their challenges with particular programs. You can even download the files in.

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Tuesday, August 9, Amazing video of Mars at Opposition As astronomers and astrologers know, a planet in orbit beyond the Earth is visibly largest at opposition. In this amazing video , you get to see Mars actually change in size as it approaches opposition. Wednesday, August 3, Going Deeper into Retrogrades a gift from Astrolabe Astrolabe, the makers of Solar Fire and many other programs and reports, has created a PDF file explaining the three different Retrograde phases and Mercury Retrograde, and also provides a fine table for showing all of the planetary shadow periods and stations.

You can get the article here.