Aquarius weekly horoscope 6 march 2020

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Change will be in the air as Saturn enters Aquarius, for it will immediately begin forming a catalytic square aspect with Uranus in Taurus. Saturn will not complete its square aspect with Uranus during however, as it will station retrograde on May 10 at two degrees of Aquarius to turn backward toward Capricorn.

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We will feel the volatizing impact of Uranus through questioning the boundaries we erect in our life and beginning a process of restructuring them. Rather than holding on to old conceptions we have been attached to, we will become more interested in experimenting and beginning to break free from whatever the status quo has been for us.

In addition to the influence of Uranus creating an atmosphere of breakthroughs during the initial foray of Saturn into Aquarius, there will be an additional impetus for radical change coming from Venus stationing retrograde in Gemini on May Venus will remain retrograde until stationing direct at six degrees of Gemini on June 25, a week before Saturn leaves Aquarius to return to Capricorn.

Altogether, we can expect deep-seated changes in our underlying values and the way they manifest into aspirations in relationships and work. The capacity of Saturn in Aquarius to detach from emotional overwhelm in order to analyze the next steps that are necessary to take for growth can be a source of strength during this time.

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The ingress of Saturn into Aquarius will be especially notable for those born with Saturn in Aquarius and Leo, as it marks the beginning of their Saturn return and opposition respectively. Those with Saturn in the first five degrees of Aquarius and Leo will feel the effects most acutely in their lives from March 21 through July 1, but everyone who has Saturn in Aquarius and Leo will receive their first impression of the themes involving responsibility, maturity, discipline, and endurance that will become intensified as Saturn steadily moves closer to the degree of their natal Saturn.

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It might not be possible to pull the plug entirely on your busy professional and social lives, but you can start experimenting with some scheduling and lifestyle choices. But this cycle will give you plenty of opportunities to face your FOMO, sit out a few more dances and reevaluate your priorities. Beneficial now would be working with a healer, therapist or coach to guide you through this potentially challenging or painful process.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

The best thing you can do? Not engage.


Neither reinforce their childish behavior nor call them out on it. Have faith that there are kindred souls out there who are eager to meet YOU.