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The Gemini side will agree with this conclusion.


If the Cancer Gemini were a Cancer proper, I would suggest finding a nice water sign for a relationship. The emotional ups and downs of a Pisces or a Scorpio would mesh well with a Cancer. Unfortunately, the influence of Gemini will not allow a successful relationship with another water sign. Therefore, we must search for a compatible earth sign to "ground" the Cancer Gemini.

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Due to the influence of the cusp in our subject, we will limit our potential candidates to earth signs and review both cusps. Since the Moon only rules Cancer, we can not use the ruling planet to find a compatible partner. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury and this would go well with the Gemini influence of our subject.

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The cusp with Leo would be very compatible with the Gemini influence. However, the tendency of Leos to be overpowering, due to their solar influence, does not compliment the Cancer influence. The other cusp of Virgo is Libra and this would be a nice partnership with Gemini. Unfortunately, the inability to make a timely decision will ultimately irritate the quick minded Gemini. Therefore, Virgo is not a suitable candidate for our subject.

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Taurus is the fixed earth sign and would provide stability to our subject. Unfortunately, their intractable nature would, later than sooner, wear the Cancer out emotionally. A candidate on the cusp of Aries and Taurus would provide the fiery nature that the Gemini influence would find attractive and exciting. In the long run, their all too self centeredness would prove untenable for a relationship. A candidate on the cusp with Gemini would provide an initial spark to the relationship due to same attributes, but all astrologers know, same signs do not work out together.

There is one exception to this rule-Virgo. By the process of elimination we come to Capricorn. Capricorn is depicted as the front part of a goat and the hind quarters of a fish. Capricorn's emotional state is covered by the gruff goat, but it is present. Capricorn rules life outside the home and this is traditionally understood as business. Unfortunately, Aquarians are not traditional thinkers and their unconventionality will wear out its welcome. The fiery cusp of Sagittarius is compatible with the airy Gemini influence of our subject. Sagittarius rules religion and philosophy. These subject and other varied interests will keep the Gemini influence engaged for many years. Since I am not an adherent or proponent of psychic or spiritual ideas, the initial attraction to a Cancer Gemini must be, by default, physical.

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In one sense, they are my opposite, summer compared to winter. If only one aspect of Astrology is valid, then I would state that the physical characteristics of the subject are surprisingly consistent from one individual to the next.

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They are pleasing to the eye, like a Venus influenced person, however, they do not exhibit the height that one expects of an an air sign Libra or the stature of an earth sign Taurus. As of this writing, I am not certain when I became aware of my attraction to Gemini Cancers. Of course, I notice fellow Capricorns and I suppose the reactions, behaviors or demeanor of Cancer Geminis are similar to Capricorns in social and employment settings. I propose that Gemini Cancers and Capricorns in work settings demonstrate or manifest similar traits-purpose and drive.

Sometimes, what we lack in physical ability is compensated by the will to power.

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Virtue-the will to power- success, humor, wit, reason-what are these, but the embodiment of love? The explicit recognition of the highest virtues? The other virtues-sarcasm, irony, quick witted, steadfast- are acknowledged and appreciated, but they are not the highest virtues-love-the bane of the young Capricorn who lacks the words and experiences to understand feelings, not his feeling, but feelings as experienced by the emotionally driven.

If we are initially beguiled into believing that the attraction to our subject is physical, we risk not being able to separate the physical from the values embodied in the Gemini Cancer. Of course, the more virtues, the easier the intimacy, that is, the more likely that the Capricorn can be comfortable. Therefore, we propose that for the Capricorn who does not arbitrarily separate the rational from the physical, one can only be intimate with those individuals who also possess these qualities or highest virtues.

If the happy Capricorn can not be described, then any attempt to describe a content Cancer Gemini will also defy description. However, even without romance in the mix, the connection between Aquarius and Gemini is always a beautiful one, whatever genders are involved and however, they first met. The keen individualism of the Aquarius personality and the intrinsic duality of the Gemini zodiac sign complement one another beautifully.

Through these interactions, both Aquarius and Gemini stand to learn about themselves and one another, all while having tons of fun. Aquarius people in particular face constant pressure to be part of regular society, yet struggle to find how they fit into that framework — quite simply because they were never designed to.

One of the big Aquarius secrets is that this unavoidable trait of absolute uniqueness in mindset and philosophy can prove a lonely road. Aquarius embodies the need to bring new perspectives to society, and Gemini is embodied by the ancient messenger of the gods in its symbology, delivering those ideas with personal charisma. Fun and laughter are abundant here, as well as a way of cheering one another up with innate understanding whenever life goes wrong for one or the other. Of the two, the Gemini is more likely to feel beset by bad fortune, but Aquarius is here to show him or her that often, we make our own luck.

This could well be a friendship that lasts a lifetime, although with such busy lives constantly playing out for Aquarius and Gemini alike, care must be taken not to drift apart. This is a pairing that can definitely go the distance, but will likely be short on pomp and ceremony. Similarly, married life between the Aquarius and Gemini individuals promises to be somewhat unlike the norm. In truth, neither of them necessarily know how best to strengthen their bond over the long term, although their crackling chemistry in the mental realm does much of this hard work for them.

Nonetheless, dedicated couple time ought to be taken, with Aquarius in particular understanding that this is not done to diminish freedom or impede on individuality. Both star signs are easily bored too, so keeping commitment strong is a must — both Gemini and Aquarius can let their minds and eyes wander without thinking if bored or lacking in stimulation in the relationship. Marriage becomes a symbol of shared visions and goals, rather than a means of containment or clipping the wings of freedom — and as long as this is understood on both sides, nothing but positive potential exists for the taking.

Relationships are often opportunities to learn from others, and while sometimes painful, they teach compassion and tolerance that enables us all to become more well rounded souls. Or at least, we hope so! Aquarius and Gemini in love have so much going for them that it can be difficult to imagine that they have things that grate on one another too, but such is the way for any relationship.

Perhaps the biggest elephant in the room worth addressing is the potential for eyes to wander and hearts to stray. This couple is made up of intelligent people in Aquarius and Gemini, so all should be well long term, but when one catches the other peering elsewhere, it can be hard for cooler heads to prevail. The trick is to learn that contentment is not the same as boredom. Aquarius has almost an addiction to the unknown, and likewise Gemini nurtures so many inner voices from one day to the next that sticking to the guns can prove insurmountable.

This star sign's favorite thing to do is talk about their favorite things like TV shows, books, and movies. Something that will turn a relationship with a Scorpio sour is lack of trust. A relationship without trust is nothing. Follow Us.

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