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In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it. Using your intuition instead of relying on established objectives or rigid procedures likely increases your productivity. Just because you've got your plans written in stone doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to your intuition if it tells you to change them on behalf of love… Continue. If there's anyone who adores receiving cards in the mail or phone calls of admiration on their special day, it's you Gemini.

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A natural born communicator, you're the type who constantly pursues all forms of intellectual stimulation. On your birthday, there's no better treat than good old fashioned dialogue and partying with friends and family. In fact, you might be so popular that you realize your voicemail is full and you've got a bunch of text messages to return before you've even had your morning birthday coffee! Perpetually curious, you're someone who'll likely be an eternal student.

It's not uncommon for you to have your hand in several projects at once since your interests tend to be so diverse. Variety, in your opinion, is certainly what makes life interesting and you simply must have continual change in order to feed your restless soul. While you're malleable nature often produces a flexible personality, at the same time it's possible that you sometimes have difficulty following through on a commitment or project. This will be especially true if you're bored.

Be careful not to flake out on a responsibility and avoid the seductive trap of gossip. If you have something to say, be sure to say it directly to the person it's meant for so that you can avoid any unnecessary communication drama. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy. Home January 28 gemini birthday horoscope January 28 gemini birthday horoscope Your ruling planet, Mercury, is up to his usual tricks in He's hitting three retrogrades on the following dates: March 5 to 28, July 7 to 31, and October 31 to November Instead, they'll be beautiful opportunities to reconnect with your past, review old ideas, and ground yourself.

He is magnanimous, full of vitality and is constantly on the go. Proud and aristocratic, the Dragon possesses an assertive personality. He could be egotistical, eccentric, dogmatic, whimsical, terribly demanding or unreasonable, but is never without a band of admirers. Dragons are the luckiest persons in the Chinese zodiac. However, since the Dragon is not compatible with the Dog, will be quite a challenging year for you.

It will be best for Dragons to stay in the background and avoid confrontations. At work, it is wise for you to let go of projects that have taken a long time to take off. Embarking on new ones, after careful study, will give you better results. For those involved in business, it is not advisable to go into expansion or big capital infusion. Entrepreneurs will do well with a business alliance rather than going it alone. For those who are employed, this is not the time to seek new employment. Your financial situation will be stable but there will be no big windfall this year so postpone big expenditures to next year.

Your social life will be active and enjoyable. But this year, Dragons should not make major decisions alone. Get the opinion of close members of the family and friends. Single Dragons who will go into a new relationship will most likely discover that it is a one-way love affair so avoid any permanent commitment. Those in a relationship will enjoy memorable times with their partners but it is important to keep communication lines open and be careful with what you say.

In this stressful year, a well-deserved foreign vacation will do you good. Regular exercise and diet will be necessary in order to avoid potential ailments of the digestive and excretory systems.

Dragons should also be careful with their sugar intake. The Snake is the deepest thinker and the most mysterious in the Chinese zodiac. He is endowed with an inborn wisdom and intelligence. He treasures his privacy and possesses a calm and placid nature. Graceful, soft-spoken but with a good sense of humor, he loves good books, food, music and theater.

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The Year of the Earth Dog will be an important one for Snakes. This includes your values, priorities, your environment, social circle, and possessions. Take stock of what are vital to your existence and happiness, then get rid of or get away from superficial matters, objects and people. On the professional side, your career will be steady with no major progress. For those seeking jobs for the first time, August, September and January will present good opportunities.

For those in business, get a financial adviser if you have plans to re-strategize your objectives. Overall, Snakes will enjoy an improved financial condition with income coming from indirect sources. Socially, you will enjoy the company of family and friends. It is advisable to share your blessings, especially with those close to you. As for your love life, it is an opportune time to reveal your innermost secret, concern or longing to your partner. This will strengthen your relationship. Single Snakes will see exciting opportunities for a new romantic liaison.

It is important to undertake some background checks first before plunging into the relationship. Snakes should endeavor to lead a healthy lifestyle this year with outdoor activities giving you much improved health. A well planned vacation with close friends will do wonders for you.

The Horse is cheerful, popular and quick-witted.

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He is very perceptive and loves to talk. He is quite physical and exudes raw sex appeal — the type who will fall in love easily and fall out of love just as easily. Impulsive and stubborn, he will want to have things done his way. You will find yourself focusing your time and energies towards the well-being of your home and family which will bring you much satisfaction.

It is not an opportune time to undertake long distance journeys. On the professional side, you will see career development to be slow during the first three quarters of the year. Do not be impatient for during the last few months of the Year of the Earth Dog, you will find new opportunities that will boost your career. Your greatest obstacle will be boredom which could potentially drag you down. For those in business, it will be wise to be conservative with your plans but be always on the look-out for competition.

Your good luck will emanate from one of them. As for your financial situation, you will find that previous investments will start to bear fruit this year. This windfall should not be spent unnecessarily but rather saved for rainy days. Horses will find their rapport with people enhanced so you will find yourself at the center of attention in many social gatherings.

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Spend quality time with your family and close circle of friends for they will depend on you for moral and emotional support. Horses in a relationship will need to resolve problems amicably and be careful with gossip that might destroy relationships. Single Horses will find the presence of Cupid in parties, in the classroom or in the workplace.

Be honest with your feelings. The Sheep is the most feminine sign in the Chinese zodiac. Known for his gentle and compassionate ways, he is considered the good Samaritan in the cycle. He is righteous, sincere and is easily affected by sob stories. Although he enjoys being with nature, the Sheep is usually a homebody. This time, you must, first and foremost, focus on your personal wellbeing rather than those of others. At work, it will be best to go with the flow. Become a good member of the team and avoid arguments with your superiors and colleagues. Collectively you will enjoy career advancement and company progress.

If you are intending to shift careers or move to another company, the work will be challenging at the beginning but with hard work, your efforts will be recognized towards the end of the year. Sheep in business who have toiled hard in with a new venture or project will see their efforts bear fruit this year. Those involved in creative work will be especially lucky this year. Your money luck is good with sporadic windfall throughout the year.

This year you will be swamped with invitations to attend social functions, family affairs and work-related events. Enjoy these events and be open to meeting new people. Romantic encounters in these events are propitious. As to your health, be cautious of accidents on the road or while engaged in adventure sports. A healthy dietary regimen will also ward off potential ailments of the stomach, kidneys and kidney. The Monkey has the closest affinity to man and therefore inherits most of his intelligence. He is quick-witted, clever and innovative, and can solve intricate problems with ease. The Monkey is innately warm, natural and spontaneous.