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Weekly Urdu Horoscope from 12th to 18th February 2018

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Daily Horoscope in Urdu - اُردو زائچہ

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Electricity is the flow of electrical energy through some conductive material. In order to do that, though, its necessary to understand a few things about electricity. The only catch? Libra season asks you to compromise to find time to share your shine with others.

Libra and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Read your full September horoscope here. Break out the selfie stick, Taurus, because this month is all about embracing vanity and showing off your fabulousness to the rest of the world. However, don't be surprised if shake-ups in your inner circle take place. New eyes will be all over your thirst traps.

Yes, you get to go out and party this month, Gemini, but September also lights up the part of your chart that rules finance.

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If anyone owes you money it's time to get paid. September emphasizes your creative side, and that includes your lovemaking, especially on the Pisces full moon on Friday, September Oh, and it's time to cut off any vampires who are using you. Saturn ends its retrograde this month, asking you to check in on your health.

And yes, that includes your happiness. Just remember to keep thinking about your loved ones. As we enter Libra season, the sign of balance, reflect on power dynamics within your relationships. This month asks you to cut ties with anyone and anything that is holding you back. Happy solar return Libra, your season begins on Monday, September Please be yourself and flirt with everyone you want.

When Saturn goes direct on Wednesday, September 18, expect creative success or positive professional news. But more importantly, what will you wear to party on the new moon on Saturday, September 28? The first half of September asks you to lay low, Sagittarius I know, I know. But there's drama in the cosmos. Thankfully, the second half of the month brings money when Saturn goes direct on Wednesday, September Get kinky under the full moon in Pisces on Friday, September The second half of September asks you to watch out for false motives.

go You look like you have it together, but you need to spend more time on self-care. You're trying to make the world a better place, but don't forget about yourself in the process. There's a big bright full moon in your sign Pisces, who are you going to invite over? September brings realizations about the community around you. Find Sophie on Instagram and Twitter. Aries March 21 — April By Marci Robin.

By Nicola Dall'Asen. Taurus April 20 — May Gemini May 21 — June Cancer June 21 — July Leo July 23 — August Virgo August 23 — September Libra September 23 — October